Cullinaw Farm is set in the rolling hills of Dumfries & Galloway, close to the Solway Coast between Castle Douglas and Dalbeattie.

Records at the nearby Buittle church indicate that there has been a farm at Cullinaw since the 13th century. Limousin bull at cullinaw Farm
In 1924, James Tait bought the farm  and his grandson Stewart Tait is still living close by at Hardhills .The farm was sold by Stewart to Andrew and Audrey Sturgess in March 2008. Andrew and the team at Cullinaw take great pride in ensuring that the farm is run in a traditional manner, with all the sheep and cattle being reared using non intensive farming methods.

Qualit Meat Scotland Logo The Farm is accredited by Quality Meat Scotland under their Farm Assured Scheme and is inspected on an annual basis by SQFA Inspectors in order to retain that accreditation.

The farm has a mixture of 530 Black Face Ewes and Scotch Mules which are grazed with the Beef Suckler herd split between the farm's three bulls, two excellent Limosin stock bulls and a pedigree Simmental bull.
.Ewe and lambs at Cullinaw Farm

Cullinaw has built an excellent reputation for the supply of high quality meat to individuals , catering businesses and restaurants in the West of Scotland, who are increasingly wanting to know the provenance of the meat they are buying. They are also wanting to know that the animals have been well looked after and treated with care and respect.
The animals supplied by us direct to our customers are slaughtered locally at Lockerbie, avoiding the long stressful transportation which can adversly affect meat quality.  We supply half or whole lamb and mutton carcasses which are butchered to customers requirements by T.H.Carson, the award winning butcher based in Dalbeattie. Lamb and Mutton are hung for 6 to 10 days and the meat is delivered direct to your door.

At Cullinaw, we farm traditionally, and so our lamb is only available in season. The season runs from the end of July through to the end of November each year. Mutton is available from August through to October, For more information please visit our shop page.