History of Cullinaw Farm


Determining historical ownership always becomes more difficult the further we go back. Although the precise area fluctuates over time , the South West of Scotland as we now know it was known as Galloway and was ruled by a dynasty of heirs who were lords or kings .They are fairly well recorded during the 12th and 13th centuries but are conflicting or incomplete at other earlier and later dates.

 During this time Galloway operated as a semi-independent state and the Lords of Galloway maintained cautious relationships with both England and Scotland acting in a fairly pragmatic way by accepting authority by one or the other when circumstances dictated. One minute Galloway is part of England , the next Scotland !

The final line of Lords, the Douglases, lasted until 1455 when King James II sacked the stronghold at Threave and the Douglases were forced to forfeit their lands which then appear to have been annexed to the crown for the following 100 years or so.

In 1550 , Queen Margaret (daughter of King Henry VII) gave a grant of the office of Steward to Robert Maxwell (tutor to her son who would become King James V ) From 5th August 1550 , Robert Maxwell had retour of the barony of Buittle ,Munches ,Barchain ,Marenach, Castlegowre, Balgreddan,Guffokland,Carwane,Cullinaw, Cuil ,Knox,Meikle and little Corbieton and Clone.


The Maxwell’s continued to acquire more and more land in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The farms on the lands owned by the Maxwell’s would have been mostly occupied or tenanted by individuals who together with their families and servants or labourers, farmed the land.

The first records detailing the names of these tenant farmers can be found in the Census in 1851. This showed the farm of Cullinaw being occupied by Robert Gibson and his family with Barchain occupied by George Muirhead and his family.

1900- Present Day

History of Cullinaw FarmDescendants of the Maxwell Family continue to own, via their Munches estate, both Cullinaw and Barchain through to the 1930’s when Cullinaw was acquired by James Tait. Barchain was sold in the 1960’s when it was acquired by A McCormick who had previously been the tenant. The valuation roll of 1959/60 shows Cullinaw , together with Courthill and Buittle Glebe being owned by William Tait who was the son of James Tait. In 19yy , Stewart Tait inherited Cullinaw from his Uncle William.

In March 2008 , Cullinaw Farm, comprising apprx 240 acres  was sold by Stewart Tait to Andrew Sturgess. Barchain  Farm , comprising around 100 acres which was owned by Fraser McCormick was sold to Fred Jardine late 2008 who then subsequently sold on to Andrew Sturgess in October 2010. Cullinaw and Barchain lie into  each other and have been farmed as one unit since then which together with approximately 100 acres of seasonally rented ground, comprise the 440 acres currently farmed.

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