Trees are an important aspect of Cullinaw Farm, whether they form part of the field hedges, copses or small wooded areas. For the stock ,they provide important areas of shade and protection from the more severe weather that we experience from time to time.

The majority of our trees are hardwood trees such as Birch, Ash  Beech as well as Hawthorn and Blackthorn. These trees require active management as much as any other part of the farm. Wind damage occurs from time to time and can be anything from fallen branches to whole trees being felled. In addition, thinning of smaller trees and bushes is important to let light and air into dense thickets.

The resultant timber that is of a size suitable for logs is gathered and used to fuel our log burning stoves on the farm, thereby providing a renewable source of fuel. The logs are stacked in neat piles to dry out and season properly before being split ready for burning.
We generally have timber in excess of our own needs and are therefore in a position to supply to third parties.

We sell the majority of our logs by the cubic metre, using used feed bags , which we will deliver for free within a 3 mile radius of the farm. Smaller bags are also available for collection.